09 avril 2007

What is the knowledge society ?

If you ant to read this article please click here: What_is_the_Knowledge_society
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09 avril 2007

Why and how is business changing?

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23 novembre 2006

"The Pionneers of Consciousness"

Between February 20th and February 28th 2005, I had the pleasure to be invited to Auroville as Member of the "Auroville International Advisory Council". Here are some impressions, for all of you who have never been there. Can you imagine a city where the average citizen you meet in the streets, after a short moment of contact, may be speaking about the necessity to take  distance from one’s ego in order to go towards one’s deepest self where a spark of the divine has to be discovered? .... Read the publicationpublished... [Lire la suite]
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23 novembre 2006

European construction: What is the meaning of the EU in the XXIst century?

“Croatia and EU at the crossroads…” Keynote speech in Zagreb in the “New Croma Business Academy” March 2003. read the publication “A new paradigm in transatlantic relations” Paper prepared for the “World Future Society” meeting in, San Francisco July 19, 2003. read the publication
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23 novembre 2006

AUROVILLE - Réflexion prospective - Futurology

"The Pionneers of Consciousness". published in "Auroville today" in april 2005.  Read the publication "Les pionniers de la conscience" paru en anglais dans "Auroville Today", Avril 2005. Lire l'article
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